Winston Wylie Radio Network

Sir Winston's Fish and Chips restaurant and Wyvern Players have joined forces to present Dinner Theatre in an intimate setting for the discerning connisseur.

Three times a year we present an evening of food and fun - a 3 course meal and a theatrical presentation.

The theatrical presentation, it is expected, will be primarily live Radio Theatre - both old and new.

We have already presented 2 Radio Shows - The Pepperonis by Eric Coble and Rick Lowell, Private Eye by Tony Palermo and one of what we could call 'regular theatre' - Over My Dead Body by Jean Blasair.

These shows will take place  on a Monday evening around April, September and December of each year. The cost is $50 per person but this gets you a 3 course meal  and fabulous entertainment. The meal usually contains Sir Winston's amazing fish and chips. If you have never experienced their fish the remember their motto - "Our fish can be battered but it cannot be beaten".

We are also looking at presenting a season ticket for all three presentations and we will keep everyone informed.

Keep Calm and Enjoy WWRN!