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June 2 - 8pm

June 3 - 8pm

June 4 - 2:30pm

June 6 - 8pm

June 7 - 8pm

June 8 - 8pm

June 9 - 8pm

June 10 - 8pm

Debbie Plaquin is a tour de force in "Shirley Valentine", a one woman play by Willy Russell.

Shirley is a middle age Liverpool housewife. Her kids have left home and as she makes chips and egg for her husband, she talks to the wall, questioning who she is and where her life has disappeared to. When her best friend offers her a trip to Greece for 2 weeks  she secretly packs her bags and heads for the sun. Her experiences abroad help her rediscover  the woman behind the labels of wife and mother.

A funny and heart warming play , it challenges the audience to examine their own roles in society.

Suitable for 14+.

Contains adult content and strong language.

Tickets are $22 but are subject to a service charge.

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